Water Treatment

Mineral Water from your tap

Why go in for domestic water purifiers and use water only for drinking when you can use mineral water for your everyday usage like Drinking, Bathing, Cooking, and Washing etc., by installing Shivsu Canadian Clear Mineral Water Systems.
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About Us :

Shivsu Canadian Clear group of companies, an ISO 9001, TUV certified company was established in 1972 to bridge the gap between demand and supply of potable drinking and fresh water for industrial and residential purpose. In its experience spanning over 4 decades, the company has successfully designed and manufactured numerous water treatment plants with indigenous and foreign technology.

Shivsu Canadian Clear is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of mineral water processing equipments, mineral water bottling machineries, PET stretch machineries and desalination equipments having supplied to more than 5000 projects of various sizes in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe and USA.

Shivsu Canadian Clear advanced research and development wing has developed systems, for various applications in prime industries like Off Shore Rigs, Fertilizers, Hotels, Hospitals, Refineries and Sea Water Desalination.

Shivsu Canadian Clear is Certified as :

•  Baby safe
•  Ideal for Pregnant Women
•  Ideally suited for Aged people
•  Recommended for sports and fitness
•  Diuretic ( Detoxifies the Kidneys)
•  Nutritive (Rapid Fluid Replenishment)
•  Good for Ophthalmology (Skin and Facial Care)
•  An Excellent Hair care product
    (Indicated for growth and maintenance of hair. Provides sheen)
•  Essential for pharmaceutical industry
•  Apt for the food industry
•  Good for Dental hygiene
(Brushing of teeth with RO water keeps you and your gums healthy and you can also avoid water borne diseases which can be acquired during brushing and gargling).

Shivsu Canadian Clear is Best Suited for :

Houses, Residential Apartments, Corporate Houses, Multi Storey Buildings, Offshore Rigs, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Hotels etc.

Shivsu Canadian Clear's Health Benefits :

Prevents water borne diseases like typhoid, Dysentery, Cholera, Prevents Hair loss, Prevents Discoloration of skin & teeth etc.

Shivsu Canadian Clear's Internal Care :

By removing lead, Bacteria, Cysts and Organic Chemicals you minimize the risk of Cancer, Anemia, Kidney Damage and High Blood Pressure.

Shivsu Canadian Clear's Domestic Benefits :

•  Healthy Body makes a Bright Mind
•  Less Detergent Usage
•  Eliminates rusting to large extent

Shivsu Canadian Clear's Added Advantages :

Stored in SS Tanks of SS 304/316 to maintain maximum hygiene therby reducing risk of water borne diseases and point of use UV* for drinking water.
* Optional


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