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The world has total of 1.65 billion km3 of water. However, only 0.3 of the total quantity is theoretically useable as fresh water and only 10% of the quantity, that 0.03% is capable of economical utilization. Shivsu Canadian Clear has driven its R&D to build water treatment plants for sea water desalination with its in? house high efficient maximum recovery RO sea water desalination plants world wide with option of containerized desalination plants as well as on site plants. Shivsu Canadian Clear's specific design team work on the highest engineering standards to ensure trouble free, minimum operating and maintenance cost.

In Shivsu Canadian Clear our Research and Development wing have worked to design, develop, manufacture complete Water Treatment and Purification System. For the last four decades Shivsu Canadian Clear has successfully designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a number of Water Treatment Plants with Indigenous and foreign technical know-how to prime industries, fertilizers, hospitals, Government and semi-Government organization, off-shore oil rigs, refineries, soft drink manufacturers, breweries and mineral water manufacturers for various applications.

With proper selection of sea water source understanding the factors of high tide and low tide, backwaters of sea can be exploited with much higher efficiency through the Reverse Osmosis System than directly drawing water from the sea. The sea is an endless resource of water and will never deplete even if large quantities of water are drawn from its resource. The reject water from the Reverse Osmosis System can be sent back in the sea as they constitute only with concentrated salts which was originally available in the sea water. The concentrated salt is of such micro-level that it can never increase the concentration of salts in the sea water.

Alternatively, the reject water from the Reverse Osmosis System can be utilized for producing common salt by natural drying method or by flash evaporators or other salt recovery methods. The investments on Desalination Plants today are not highly exorbitant as it was 15 to 20 years ago. With world market opening up to open trade the viabilities of such projects are very encouraging.

Shivsu Canadian Clear with its vast expertise in the field of Water Treatment in the last 4 decades has come out with cost effective and high efficiency RO recovery systems for sea water Desalination.

Shivsu Canadian Clear can design, manufacture and supply RO Plant as per customer requirement. We are the leading RO Plant Manufacture in India and have testimonials from different customers both on a national and international level. Our company manufactures and supplies water treatment solutions in customizable ways. We aim to garner trust from our customers through testimonials and long term relationships.

We manufacture, supply, trade and export best quality RO Plant due to our vast experience in this domain. Equipped with semi-permeable membrane, these plants are widely used in water purification applications. Owing to their optimum performance, minimum power consumption and enhanced functional life, these plants are highly demanded in food processing and allied industries.

Water is purified by reversing the process of osmosis membranes are used to completely remove the dissolved solids contaminants priological and chemical impurities upto 0.0001(1 micron 1/1000mm)from water.

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