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Bottled Water Softdrink Projects
Industrial Water Treatment
Water Treatment

Mineral Water
Waste Water
Sea Water Desalination

PET Blowing Machines
Filling Machine
PET Bottles Rinser Filler Capper
Jar Washer Filler Capper
Glass Bottling/ Filling
Micro Brewery
Shrink Wrapping & Labelling System

Canadian Clear Launches Waste Water- Fracking water Solutions- De-fracking water treatment equipment - Model CC Defrack 05m3/day - 500m3/day Compact Containerized / Civil Model

Shivsu Canadian Clear is a single source manufacturer offering totally integrated water treatment solutions. Vertical integration through recent acquisitions combined with 40 years of expertise and knowledge in the water treatment industry places us clearly above industry competition. core strength lies in designing customized plants and assemblies with the use of cutting edge technology.

Shivsu Canadian Clear’s Mission is to offer clients a seamless transfer of high technology with high quality through advanced products and systems. Understanding client’s 3 C’s - Challenges, Constraints and Competition enables us to offer turnkey project solutions and expert advice on productivity and maintenance. state of the art R&D specializes in designing customized water & waste water treatment, effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants.

Shivsu Canadian Clear has the infrastructure and expertise to design, develop and manufacture customized plants based on the client’s specifications. Shivsu Canadian Clear is a market leader in Water Technology and one of the few companies in the world which manufactures a complete range of Water Equipment under one roof on turnkey basis.

When it comes to Water Treatment needs, the choice isShivsu Canadian Clear

Automatic Bottle Washer
Bottle Water Machine
Rinser Filter Capper Machine
Desalination Plant
Waste Water ETP
Mash and Boiling Tank
Pet Blowing Machine
Multiple Shrink Wrapping
Stretch Pet Blowing Machine
Multiple Shrink Wrapping
Automatic Bottle Washer
Reverse Osmosis System
Pet Blowing Machine
Desalination Plant
Waste Water ETP
Mash and Boiling Tank

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